Shana's Story

I am proud to come from a long line of talented storytellers: artists, paint makers, sculptors, singers, guitar makers and players, pianists, figure skaters and writers.  No matter what the medium is we all have one thing in common - we tell stories.  For me, video editing is my canvas.  In as little as :30 seconds a great story can be told with images, film, video, textures, motion graphics and music.  

After graduating from Western Maryland College with a dual major in Communications and Theatre, I moved from New Jersey to Baltimore to work for Henninger Media Services.  When Henninger left Baltimore in 1998, I stayed in town as an AVID Editor / Producer to work with The Campbell Group.  In 2003, I started Sh Productions, Inc.  

 Teaching a video editing class at McDaniel College allows me to share my experiences with up and coming editors.  It also gives me a chance to get students involved in helping their community.